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Alternative Dispute Resolution

We represent businesses and individuals in mediation, arbitration and collaborative law process.


Mediation is a type of alternative dispute resolution and one of the oldest forms of conflict resolution in the world. While litigation can be very stressful, time consuming and costly, mediation gives the parties a more expeditious and significantly less expensive way to resolve their disputes. In mediation, a third party, neutral mediator identifies the goals of the parties, facilitates negotiations and provides helpful feedback in order to help the parties reach a mutually satisfactory settlement agreement and end their dispute. Ms. Alexander serves as mediator in business, construction and real estates disputes.

Collaborative Law Process

Through the collaborative law process, the parties and their attorneys work together to resolve disputes and to reach binding and enforceable settlement agreements. This is achieved through a series of meetings and discussions between the parties without the involvement of a third party or the courts. This is an effective, low cost method of resolving disputes. At the Law Offices of Bianca Alexander participation in the collaborative law process is encouraged whenever possible in order to save our clients valuable time and resources.


In arbitration, the parties to the dispute allow a neutral, third-party called an arbitrator to decide the outcome of the disputes. The findings and decision of the arbitrator are generally binding on the parties as if issued by a court of law. Arbitration is more cost-effective and less time consuming than litigating in a court of law. Ms. Alexander represents clients in arbitrations and has served as court appointed arbitrator in various disputes related to business, construction and personal injury matters.