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THANKS! I’d been meaning to write and thank you earlier, but time gets away. The case went as you said it would the first meeting we had and true to form you managed the case as you said you would (with minimum involvement). I’ll admit I was quite worried with the initial paperwork that I was copied with. I did not understand most of it and I was tempted to call Bianca every time I got one to see what it meant. But, after a while I figured if it was important for me to know she would have called to explain. This case weighed heavy on my mind for many months and kept me up at night at first. As time passed I eventually put it on the back burner. Again, you allowed me to do so, “out of sight out of mind”. This is the second case you have handled for us that came to a conclusion where we were very pleased. Lawyers get a bad rap. I’ve seen the lawyer jokes they are right next to the blonde jokes. I’m glad to say we have faith in our lawyers and glad to have you in our corner. For my brother and me we thank you, Bianca and your staff.
Dan D. 20-Apr-2009
Thank you so much for helping us with the ROC. Have a wonderful day.
Perry amd Carol B.
Bianca – Words cannot express my forever gratitude. Thank you so much for all of your work and efforts for helping me. You are such an incredible friend.
Christina K.
Bianca, Thank you for helping us work this out with W. I enjoyed meeting you and really appreciate your demeanor towards our business during a difficult time.
Dan S.
We only met briefly in the past, but every time I get the opportunity to speak with you, I can feel and hear the sincerity in your voice. Thank you for all the efforts you have made regarding our cases. Please know that my husband and I are both grateful for your time and energy that is being dedicated to keeping us in business!
Patty S.
Dear Bianca, My remodeling project is finally coming to a conclusion. I can now fully appreciate the settlement with D.L., A.I. which you advised and orchestrated. Thank you for a job well done. Finally, a terrible nightmare is ending with a happy ending!
Carolyn S.